Every Widow’s Prayers

A deep burrow into the emotional challenges women who have lost their husbands face daily, in their desires to continue living as loving, productive, and dignified members of society.


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111 Pages

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Dr. Solomon Obotetukudo (Ph. D)








January 20, 2015

About The Author

Dr. Solomom Williams

Dr. Solomom Williams

Ph.D in Speech and Political Communications, from The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. M.A. in English Language and Mass Communications; (B.A. Combined Honours in History and Philosophy, from The University of Lagos, Yaba, Nigeria.

This is a book of love and life appreciation in the face of the death of a beloved husband. In it, Dr. Obotetukudo catalogs the human emotions of a bereaved woman who attempts to give her life meaningful and worthwhile existence in spite of the death of a husband. In prayers a widow finds the most comfort when everyone else has gone to resume their normal activities. In those silent moments, minutes, nights, and days, widows engage the Unseen Other in meditations, reflections, pleas, and praises. She refuses death the powers to define her. So she redefines herself through prayers in topics germane to all living humans; but most especially to a bereaved woman who may assume the duties and responsibilities that were meant for two.

A widow’s prayers serves a sociological function in that the words and emotions express the moods, wishes, and purposes of a woman who is deprived of a love she had once taken for granted. As a footnote to the norms and expectations of a culture and society, the words in Everywidow’s Prayers become reminders of the types and purposes or functions of life. The prayers contained here are pointers to the roles of policy and decision makers, to begin to re-evaluate the roles of women, wives, and husbands in the larger schemes of societal cohesion and quality of life and living after the death of a beloved husband, and in fact, a wife in the case of a widower.


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